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Hunting by Lightsyde Hunting by Lightsyde

Special thanks to Allecia. And to Ian. =D

:ninjaplot: “It was like running into a tornado. I thought the wolf was fast…


I read a book by this hunter once. He had hunted lions. He’d hunted tigers, He’d hunted bears. But he said of all the dangerous animals a man could hunt, nothing was as dangerous as a leopard.They were smart, adaptable, cunning and ruthless. They were the ultimate hunters.

Human hunters, professional, experienced hunters armed with high-powered rifles and telescopic sights, had waited in trees for hours for a leopard to return to the place where it had stashed a kill.They had waited with eyes wide-open, nerves tingling, guns at the ready… and had suddenly felt the faint tingling warning that they were being watched. 

And they had turned to find the leopard sitting right behind them in the tree. The last thing they ever saw.

I’ve fought before. I’ve fought Hork-Bajir. But I’ve never been more afraid of any creature. The leopard wasn’t just quick. It was quick, with perfect accuracy and terrifying grace. It was fast while looking almost lazy. It was like a supernatural thing. Like it existed outside my whole notion of time.


… It wasn't. I'd been slashed in half a dozen places while I was still snapping at the air with my jaws.” ― Cassie - "The Departure" by K.A.Applegate:katana:

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November 28, 2013
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